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Boiling a batch of jelly Please feel free to browse our great selection of Texas themed products.  Select a category from the menu in the navigation bar on the left.

Special Notice

Many of our products contain native fruits and are therefore seasonal, and as is nature's way the yearly yeilds are quite unpredictable.  This plus customer demand often leads to frequent "out of stock" conditions with these products.

Filling jelly jars We reget these out of stock conditions becasue it can disappoint you, our customer.  But pleading with Mother Nature has proven fruitless (pun intended) so far.  So if you see one or more of your favorites in stock, a timely order is advised.  You just can't mess with Texas or Mother Nature! Our Commercial Kitchen

For Your Peace Of Mind

Texas Jelly Cupboard is a fully licensed State of Texas Food Manufacturer.  We opperate in a health department inspected and fully licensed commercial kitchen.